Malayalam Pallikkoodam (School)

Why should they learn Malayalam?

A child connects to his parents, family, relatives, culture, history, identity and religion through his mother tongue. Native language links the child with the culture of the society the child comes from and shapes his identity. A lot of children from immigrant families, who don’t know their native language well, are at a crossroads of identity crisis. When a child doesn’t know his language well we cannot say that he will be nurtured with his culture properly for the fact that the relationship between language and culture is deeply rooted. Mother tongue is one of the most powerful tools used to preserve and convey culture and cultural ties. So let us encourage our children to learn Malayalam. Keeping mother tongue in a foreign country does not happen spontaneously. Instead, it is an achievement that requires commitment and determination, especially from the family. Parents must establish a strong home language policy and make consistent efforts to help their children develop good literacy skills in their first language.

Class timing

Saturdays from 9:00am – 10:30am


Principal: Mr. Saji Thayyil  | Ph: 443-854-4788

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Dec 10 2022


09:00 AM - 10:30 AM


St. Alphonsa SyroMalabar Church

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