CCD stands for Confraternity of Christian Doctrine. A “CCD” was established in 1562 at Rome to help with the education of Catholics in their faith. In modern times, it has come to mean a program of Catholic education for all parish children.


The St. Alphonsa SyroMalabar Catholic Church’s CCD program provide its students with a basic yet firm foundation of religious education that is developed and nurtured within a faith-filled environment. This is accomplished when these goals are achieved:

  • To proclaim the message of Jesus Christ by providing a religious program based on Scripture and SyroMalabar Catholic Tradition
  • To encourage reception of the Sacraments by preparing students to understand and appreciate their importance and necessity in their life
  • To foster reverence for the Church and our Catholic faith
  • To foster growth in our faith community by providing valuable experiences of shared prayer and worship
  • To encourage a spirit of charity by promoting positive Christian attitudes to one’s responsibility toward God, others, and self
  • To encourage students to be actively engaged and responsible for their faith formation
  • To foster cooperation and communication among the parish community, religious education teachers, parents, and students

CCD meets from 10:00 a.m. to 11:15 p.m. on Sundays during the school year.


The mission of the St. Alphonsa School of Faith Formation is to serve the Lord God Jesus Christ by fostering His truths and the values of the Syro-Malabar Catholic faith, within an educational environment to prepare children for life in this world and heaven.


As we begin this new year of religious education, please be assured that the volunteer teachers of our CCD program are dedicated to helping your children grow in faith and to be closer to God. As parents, you are the primary educators of your children and are their best teachers. Your children learn the most from the example you set when you pray together and actively participate in Holy Qurbana and the sacraments as a family.

Every student is given the SyroMalabar Catechism books on the first day of class. Please take time to familiarize yourself with this wonderful learning tool. Catholic faith concepts are explained in age appropriate language, lessons are reinforced with activities and scripture stories and the faith concepts are connected to life experiences in the church and family. Each chapter closes with a summary of the lesson and provides activities and suggestions for ways your family can “make a difference”.

St. Alphonsa SyroMalabar Catholic Church is committed to providing a safe environment for all our students. Please check the parish bulletin and the parish website for any “C.C.D. News” and watch for information your children bring home after class.

Our Religious Education Program is carefully designed to assist you in the faith formation of your children. Please feel free to visit your child’s classroom at any time and get to know his/her teacher. Our teachers are looking forward to a rewarding year!


All families are to park and escort their children into their respective classrooms. The safety of your child and all children is very important to us!

No Child is to be dropped off at the front doors for any reason. You must park in the lot and walk your child to the class rooms. If the assigned teacher is not in the class, please wait until the teacher arrives. Also, you must pick up your child after classes ends. This serves as notice in the event of any claims against our church or our program.


Decision to cancel CCD classes will be made as soon as possible due to weather. Information will be posted in the website or an email will be send out to everyone.