Throughout our lives we come across the word “family.” Many of us are fortunate to be in a family when we first step into this world having our parents beside us who are grateful for our life. This is the first family that as Catholics we find ourselves in, and in most cases will be with us throughout our lives. As life goes on we encounter several families, also becoming a part of our lives. One such family is Jesus Youth (JY).

Jesus Youth is a catholic missionary movement rooted in charismatic spirituality and approved by the Holy See. Jesus Youth began in Kerala, India, and has now grown across the world (25 countries), fostering the spirit of family and togetherness in union with Christ. While the scale of Jesus Youth is international, it has always started in small prayer groups beginning with a few participants. This is what happened in Baltimore, as Jesus Youth gatherings began with just a few youth coming together to pray, share the word of God, and fellowship under the guidance of the Fr. James Nirappel, our first vicar of the church, and a few Jesus Youth elders. These gatherings took place regularly on Saturdays at one of the youth’s house with the support of his or her family. Through consistent prayer meetings, the JY family grew closer to Christ in a spirit of prayer and fellowship. After a couple of months, a beautiful transformation began in the lives of many of the youth. It was evident that the change that took place was not just confined to them. Rather, it also started to affect the lives of others around them in a beautiful way.

The movement helps youth nourish their faith and also equip them to face situations where their faith is challenged. The movement also helps youth develop a particular spirituality based on six pillars. The six pillars include: personal prayer, word of God, sacraments, fellowship, evangelization and option for the poor. The movement invites us in a way that helps our lifestyle to be more Christ-centerd based on these pillars. During the course of time, Syro Malabar Mission organized many retreats for youth. The retreats provided an opportunity for all the kids in our parish to come together in love and fellowship and to get a personal God experience, irrespective of whether they are Jesus Youth or not.

We meet every Wednesdays at 7.00 – 9.00 PM.